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Perfect Fit Dry Food with Chicken for Adult Sterilized Cats

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Perfect Fit cat food is an advanced dry cat food designed to fuel your cat's youthful spirit throughout its life. Developed with our vets and nutritionists, Perfect Fit cat food combines 5 benefits that address the 5 common health needs of all cats, whatever their age or lifestyle, in our unique Perfect Fit Total 5 formula for complete protection.
 The Perfect Fit Total 5 formula contains 5 benefits and offers complete protection:
 • Healthy digestion
 • Strong natural body defences
 • Urinary tract health
 • Ideal weight and body condition
 • Healthy skin and coat
 Every cat food product in our range also contains 3 additional health benefits, tailored to your cat's specific needs, so you can be sure you're feeding the right diet. Plus, our cat food products are made with high quality protein, so you can be sure your cat will love the taste!
 Perfect Fit Sterile 1+ with Chicken is specially formulated to support the specific needs of sterilised cats:
 • Healthy weight management
 • Supports agility
 • Optimal digestion
 All Perfect Fit dry cat food recipes are developed with the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition's vets and nutritionists to ensure 100% complete, balanced and advanced nutrition.

About the manufacturer:

Mars, one of the world's largest food manufacturers, is a family-owned business guided by the Five Principles: Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom. The company was started by Frank C. Mars in his kitchen in Tacoma, Washington, and is now run by his grandchildren and has 130,0000 employees in over 80 countries.

Today, the company operates four business segments: Petcare, Food, Mars Wrigley and Mars Edge. Mars proudly cares for half of the world's pets through its nutrition, health and services plans. Some of their global Petcare brands include: PEDIGREE, Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, WHISKAS, ROYAL CANIN, AniCura, WISDOM PANEL and VCA. Today, iconic Mars Wrigley brands such as M&M’S, SNICKERS, ORBIT, EXTRA and Skittles are enjoyed in more than 180 countries. Mars Food has 13 brands produced around the world and available in over 30 countries including BEN’S ORIGINAL, MASTERFOODS, SEEDS OF CHANGE, TASTY BITE and DOLMIO. Mars Edge, was created to help improve human health, by combining the foods you crave with the nutrition you need. Partnering with leading research institutions around the world, the Mars Edge cocoa flavanol research program exists to advance the scientific understanding of cocoa flavanols and their potential health benefits. 

Storage conditions:

Keep closed in a cool, dry place.

Proteina uscata din pasare (inclusiv 21% pui), Grau, Proteina extrasa din soia, Proteina extrasa din jumari, Faina de porumb, Uleiuri si grasimi (inclusiv 0,40% ulei de floarea soarelui), Faina de soia, Proteine din cereale uscate, Pudra din ficat hidrolizat, Minerale, Celuloza, Extract de cicoare (0,75%), Pulpa de sfecla deshidratata, Alge uscate. Aditivi per kg: Antioxidanti; Aditivi nutritionali: Vitamina A: 9350 UI, Vitamina B1: 15.6 mg, Vitamina B2: 26.7 mg, Vitamina C: 525 mg, Vitamina D3: 1031 UI, Vitamina E: 100 mg, Biotin: 0.37 mg, Taurina: 1478 mg, Cupru (Sulfat cupric, pentahidrat): 2.1 mg, Iod (Iodura de potasiu): 0.53 mg, Fier (Sulfat de fier (II), monohidrat): 65.8 mg, Mangan (Sulfat de mangan, monohidrat): 29.3 mg, Seleniu (Selenit de sodiu): 0.18 mg, Zinc (Sulfat de zinc, monohidrat): 82.9 mg. Constituenti analitici (%): Proteina: 38,0, Continut de grasimi: 12,0, Materie anorganica: 9,0, Fibre brute: 3,8, Calciu: 1,3, Fosfor: 1,0,