Imperial Care White Cat litter

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Country: Grecia,
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This litter whose main ingredient is a white bentonite with strong natural clumping and absorption properties comes from Greece and was made in collaboration and with the support of breeders from Romania. The interest of producers from Greece for the Romanian market has increased, as Romania holds the first place in the EU in terms of the number of households that own a cat 46% and the number 6 in terms of the cat population 4.2 million.

The packaging represents a confirmation for the final buyers of the product, at the maximum level of attention that was paid in making this product:
•    Premium rectangular box made of 100% recyclable cardboard, equipped with a handle that facilitates handling 
•    Translucent window of the box offers buyers the possibility to see the real image of the quality content of the product, while also making it possible to observe the total absence of dust.

•    Superior white bentonite from Greece with natural clumping properties, without clumping additives
•    Does not present any danger to the cat in case of accidental ingestion
•    Total absence of dust
•    Deodorizing – special formula that deodorizes and neutralizes the unpleasant smell of urine transforming it into a jasmine aroma

Maximum profitability because the maximum efficiency of the clumping properties of the product determines the lowest consumption compared to other similar products

About the producer :

Felis Romania's constant concern to offer its members quality products was behind the initiative to contribute to the creation of this product and to bring cat litter to Romania.

During the process of making this product, in which we were actively involved, we had the opportunity and pleasure to discover a team of professionals who joined us in this endeavor, dedicating themselves with passion and skill in creating a product that would meet all the qualities sought by both breeders and cat lovers.

The main qualities that were taken into account when this product was created:

  • adding a fragrance with a special formula, which not only covers, but breaks down the unpleasant smell generated by urine and feces
  • the very strong natural clumping capacity increases its efficiency, because the amount thrown away is reduced compared to other litters
  • the natural antimicrobial qualities of the bentonite used make it work as a natural barrier against the spread of epidemics within the breeding ground,
  • also due to the natural antimicrobial qualities, this product does not pose any risk to cats in case of accidental ingestion, the same raw material being used by the producer as an antimicrobial additive and in the feed for animal farms
  • total absence of dust generated by the litter

The context of recent years has generated an increased interest in purebred pets, especially cats 17% more requests compared to 2019, determining an increased demand for premium and super-premium products intended for cats, constituting a moment of maximum opportunity for listing this product.

In addition, the Felinology Federation continues to work with the research team in Greece to extend the range intended for the professional segment of breeders. The market support given to this product has built a strong community of loyal end consumers of Imperial Care White litter in the last year.

Storage tips :

Avoid storing the product in a humid place.

Producer's address:



Felis Romania

37A, Ion Neculce st., 011255

Bucharest, Romania

100% bentonita alba