Safe All-in-1 ECO Dishwasher Tablets, fragrance-free, allergen-free

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ECO all-in-1 dishwasher tablets are ideal for washing, degreasing and giving dishes a shiny finish, even in short cycles and at low temperatures.

98% of the ingredients used are of natural origin, making this detergent perfect for baby dishes and the whole family.

This product is Ecocert certified and has the Safelife label, which means that over 180 allergens and 120 endocrine disruptors have been excluded from its formula.

Ecocert is the organization that has certified Safe products from an ecological point of view, guaranteeing at least 95% ingredients of natural origin and at least 10% from organic farming.

SafeLife is a non-profit association that brings together experts who draw up lists of ingredients with potential hazards (in terms of endocrine and allergens). Thus, the SafeLife certification guarantees the absence of hazardous ingredients.

✓ This product does not compromise on health and the environment.

✓ 98% of the ingredients used are of natural origin.

✓ The formula is 97% ECO-degradable, leaving no toxic residues in the water.

✓ The product is dermatologically tested and is suitable for sensitive skin.

✓ Contains no perfumes, dyes, preservatives, essential oils, allergens or endocrine disruptors.


Trisodium citrate dihydrate: prevents or removes scale from the washing machine.

Soda crystals: have an anti-limescale effect, effectively degrease dishes and neutralize odors.

Solid hydrogen peroxide: is a bleaching agent that maintains the sewage pipes and restores the shine and whiteness of the dishes.

Sodium bicarbonate: degreases and deodorizes the dishwasher, in addition to giving glasses a shine.

Sodium silicate: regulates the PH and acts as a powder crumbling agent that prevents the formation of lumps during the washing process.

Citric acid: resulting from a vegetable fermentation, balances the pH of the formula to ensure optimal cleaning.

Protease: is a naturally active enzyme that accelerates the breakdown of proteins and cleans effectively at low temperatures, without leaving residues.

Carboxilin 20D: is completely ECO-degradable, its anti-limescale and dispersing properties help to clean stains and prevent dirt from settling on freshly washed dishes.

Solid non-ionic active surfactant

Alpha-amylase: is a naturally active enzyme that removes starch-based dirt (rice, pasta, etc.).

Peractiv CB: is a very effective bleaching agent that works together with sodium percarbonate.

Glycereth 170E Cocoate: has an emulsifying action that stabilizes mixtures of fats and water. Contributes to the good distribution of the product that dissolves in contact with water.

Concentrated extracts from plant fermentation.

Glycerin: has been obtained by saponification of vegetable oils and is a very good natural cleaning agent.

Magnesium stearate: is a thickening agent that ensures a good texture to the product and also plays an anti-caking role, which prevents the formation of lumps during washing.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, heat, cold or frost.


1 tablet is used for 1 wash.

The all-in-1 tablet has a washing, rinsing and salt function.

Use the product only in the dishwasher.

For dirty dishes, use 1 tablet on the 45°C wash program.

For dirty dishes and hard water, use 1 tablet on the 65°C wash program.

Before use, make sure that:

1 – You have removed food scraps and large residues from the dishes.

2 – You have inserted the tablet with the soluble film in water, in the appropriate compartment.

3 – You have carried out the periodic check and cleaning of the filters. Do not forget to wash your hands after use.

4 – If the water is very hard (TH > 35°F), it is recommended to additionally use salt and rinsing solution.

Avoid washing in a dishwasher: old porcelain, crystal glasses, hand-painted objects, gold or silver objects, gilded or silver-plated, wood, horn, copper or aluminum.

Follow the recommendations for use and dosage instructions for the dishwasher.

To respect the environment, use the dishwasher if it is full and, if possible, choose washing programs at low temperatures.

Did you know that washing dishes by hand consumes more water than washing dishes in an automatic dishwasher?

The data may vary, but the dishwasher allows the use of only about 12L of water for each wash, compared to about 42L for manual washing.

To further optimize the use of the dishwasher, we recommend:

1- Start the wash cycle only when the machine is full.

2- Lightly clean very dirty dishes or wash them by hand.

3- Use the eco mode which washes at a lower temperature (even if the wash cycle is longer).

4- Schedule the wash cycle during peak hours.

5- When you want to buy a dishwasher, choose a model that is energy and water efficient.

Of course, washing dishes by hand is not necessarily an ecological disaster, just make sure you use water as efficiently as possible.

Citrat trisodic dihidrat, carbonat de sodiu, percarbonat de sodiu, bicarbonat de sodiu, silicat de sodiu, acid citric, proteaza, carboxilina 20D, surfactant neionic solid, alfa-amilaza, peractiv CB, cocoat de glycereth 17OE, extracte concentrate din fermentarea plantelor, glicerina, stearat de magneziu.
Compozitie: 5% pana la 15% agenti de albire cu oxigen; < 5% surfactanti neionici, enzime. Contine si sechestranti, saruri carbonatice, acid citric, silicati, agenti anti-redepunere, sare, glicolat de sodiu, extract concentrat din fermentatia plantelor, glicerina, surfactanti anionici, stearat de magneziu, bentoninta.