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My Love Complete Wet Food for Adult Cats, Rabbit in Gravy

100 g
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My Love Complete canned food for adult cats "With rabbit in delicate sauce"

Ingredients: meat and animal derivatives (pieces at least 76%), cereals (wheat 6.45%), including rabbit 4%, vegetable protein extracts, minerals, vegetable derivatives (parsley) 0.001%.

Analytical constituents: crude protein - 7%, crude fat - 4.5%, crude ash - 2.5%, crude fiber - 0.3%, moisture - 82%, calcium - 0.35%, phosphorus - 0.25%.

Additives (per 1 kg of food): vitamin D3 (3a671): 135 IU, vitamin E (3a700): 8.99 mg, vitamin B1 (3a821): 0.6 mg; folic acid (3a316): 0.17 mg, choline chloride (3a890) 60%: 1.26 g, taurine (3a370): 356 mg; trace element compounds: zinc (zinc sulfate heptahydrate 3b604): 3 mg, manganese (manganese sulfate monohydrate 3b503): 0.7 mg, iodine (potassium iodide 3b201): 0.32 mg, selenium (sodium selenite 3b801): 0.2 μg.

Technological additives: tara gum (E412): 1.1 g.

Sensory additives: colorant, glycine (2b17034): 2.9 g

Energy value (calories) per 100 g of food: 321.17 kJ (76.75 kcal).

Store in a dry place at a temperature between + 6 °C and + 30 °C. After opening the package, store in the refrigerator for no more than 48 hours. Food should be consumed at room temperature.

Store in a dry, cool place, protected from sunlight. Food should be introduced gradually into the animals' diet (at least in the first 5 days). Provide the animal with permanent access to clean drinking water. Individual feeding rates may vary depending on the age, breed, and activity level of the animal. Recommended daily feeding: the daily amount of food is indicated in the feeding table.

carne si produse derivate de origine animala (bucatele in proportie de cel putin 76 %), cereale (grau 6,45 %), inclusiv iepure in proportie de 4 %, extracte de proteine vegetale, substante minerale, produse derivate de origine vegetala (patrunjel) 0,001 %.

Nutritional values per 100 g

Energy value321.17 kJ/76.75 kCal
Fats g
including saturated fatty acids g
Carbohydrates g
including sugars g
Protein g
Salt g
Fibre g