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Raid Anti-Moth Spray Orange

400 ml
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Country: România,
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Raid Anti-Moths Spray Orange with advanced formula, kills moths on contact offering protection for you and your family. It is suitable for use throughout the house, including kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.
Maintenance instructions: Shake the container well before use. Remove the spray from the face and spray holding the container as vertically as possible. Spray directly on moths, at least 1 meter away from the walls of the room, fabrics and furniture. It is recommended to check for any stains and damage in a hidden or less visible place before starting the treatment.
-has a pleasant orange scent.

About the manufacturer: 
As a family business, we are interested in making families' lives cleaner, easier and better. That's why, for over a century, we have made quality products that work, using ingredients you can trust.

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Str. Tipografilor, nr. 11-15, S-Park Building, Section B3-B4, Floor 3, Bucharest