Sonett ECO Lemon Dishwashing Liquid

300 ml
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Country: Germania,
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An eco-friendly detergent that is extremely economical due to its concentrated formula. Intended for manual dishwashing. Gentle on the skin, even for people with sensitive skin.

Instructions for use
Approximately 3ml of detergent per 5 liters of water, or apply a drop directly to the dishwashing sponge.

About the manufacturer
Since 1977, Sonett has been a pioneer in the field of ecological pharmacy, a pharmacy that is friendly to the environment and the human body. Sonett produces washing powder, liquid detergents, dishwasher tablets and other efficient products for a clean home. Increasingly, you will find in the product, raw materials from dynamic or ecological agriculture, such as olive oil, rapeseed or coconut oil, palm fat or essential oils.

Sonett refuses to use additives that are harmful to the environment and human health.

The raw materials used in production come from biodynamic, ecological agriculture or free collection. Therefore, Sonett products are 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic. The water used in production is rhythmically biodynamic and Sonett products are added with mixtures of energetically powerful herbs and the essence of precious stones and metals.

Sonett is the only ecological pharmacy producer that holds two ecological certificates.

Storage instructions:

At room temperature. Store in a dry and sealed container.

Manufacturer's address:
Sonett GmbH
Ziegeleiweg 5


Apa vitalizata, Surfactanti din zaharuri 5-15%, Sulfat de alcool din ulei de cocos 1-5%, Alcool vegetal (Etanol) 1-5%, Sare <1%, Citrat <1%, Ulei esential Bio de lamaie <1%, Aditivi balsamici din plante salbatice <1%