Frosch Eco

Frosch Eco Window Spray Cleaning Solution

500 ml
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Country: Germania,
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Frosch bio-spirt glass and window cleaner cleans windows, car windows, mirrors and almost all smooth surfaces, without leaving streaks behind. With a formula containing alcohol proven to be highly effective in dissolving grease, the cleaning solution removes grease, dust, hairspray and make-up. The result is a sparkling clean, without streaks. 
In its glass cleaner test in March 2018 in Germany, Stiftung Warentest confirmed that Frosch bio-spirt glass cleaner is not only powerful, but also environmentally friendly. The Frosch product triumphed over 18 competing glass cleaners, with the top rating of “very good”.

  • for glass, smooth surfaces and car windows
  • Stiftung Warentest test winner – top rating of “very good”
  • alcohol removes streaks
  • no microplastics
  • ingredients grown in Europe
  • bottle made from 100% recycled plastic

About the manufacturer:
The Frosch brand has gained its expertise over the long history of the manufacturing company, Werner & Mertz GmbH. Founded in 1867 as a wax goods factory in Mainz, Germany, the company continuously developed in the laundry and cleaning segments and, in 1986, created the Frosch brand. The combination of natural, plant-based ingredients with highly effective cleaning power and exemplary environmental and skin friendliness makes Frosch the successful environmental pioneer in cleaning and care.
The Frosch brand is present in almost all European countries. In the meantime, due to its holistic green brand promise, the brand is also in high demand in some non-European countries, such as Japan, China or South Korea.

Storage instructions:
Store in a dry place, protected from frost and sunlight

Manufacturer's address:
Werner & Mertz GmbH
Rheinallee 96
D-55120 Mainz, Germany
Postfach 4340