Swirl ECO Anti-Calc

375 ml
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The new Anticalcar Universal Bio liquid 375 ml from Swirl® quickly and thoroughly descales various kitchen appliances - easy to measure, can be used immediately - completely biodegradable. It is used directly, without the need to dissolve it. It acts efficiently in both hot and cold water. Regular descaling is recommended to protect your devices, once a month or no later than 40 uses of the device. Before descaling, check the care instructions from the device manufacturer. Do not use on marble, galvanized or enamelled devices.

About the manufacturer:
Growth, change and tradition are all closely linked in the Melitta Group. With over 100 years of company history, the company owes its success to its ability to anticipate market trends and develop pioneering products that make life more enjoyable, more convenient and much easier. Under the Swirl® brand, the Melitta Group creates products that make everyday life easier, more enjoyable and cleaner. Swirl® is synonymous with high-quality products for vacuuming, descaling, cleaning, waste disposal and indoor air filtration. Products bearing the Swirl® brand can be found in around 40 countries in Europe and Asia.

Instructions for use: Coffee maker: fill the glass container with 1/2l of cold water. Pour a level mark from the contents of the bottle. Pour the prepared solution into the water tank of the appliance and start the machine. Let half of the liquid flow out. Stop the appliance for 10 minutes (let the solution work). Restart the appliance until the remaining liquid in the tank is used up. Rinse the glass container and filter twice with clean water to completely clean the appliance. If your appliance is extremely calcified, increase the dose to 1.5-3 level marks. Kettle. Fill the jug with water up to the level where the limescale is formed. Add a level mark of the bottle to 1/2 l of water. Heat the liquid, do not boil. Let it work for 20-30 minutes. Rinse the appliance thoroughly twice with water before reusing it. Dishwasher: clean the door area with descaler. Pour 3-4 descaler marks directly into the empty machine (without dishes). Start the program without pre-rinsing (at least 50°C). Sink, shower heads, water taps: Apply undiluted Anticalcar to a cloth or immerse the parts in solution. Let it work and then rinse. Iron/ironing station: descale according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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Manufacturer's address:
Marienstr. 88 32425, Minden, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany