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Terms and conditions www.sezamo.ro applicable since 13.06.2024

Terms and conditions www.sezamo.ro applicable since 13.06.2024

Dear customers, we are very happy for your interest in our products and services. The document you are reading now represents our general terms and conditions (" Terms "). This is a legal document, which presents from A to Z all aspects related to the purchase of products or the use of services offered through our online store on the web portal www.sezamo.ro or through the Sezamo.ro mobile application (" The Online Store Sezamo.ro ").

The terms are applicable to the purchase of products for direct consumption and are subject to the regulations regarding consumer contracts contained in Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 transposing at national level the provisions of Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 25, 2011 regarding consumer rights to the conclusion and  execution of distance contracts ("EOG no. 34/2014"). On the website of the Sezamo.ro Online Store, it is not possible to purchase products for commercial purposes (e.g., for resale). A typical customer of the Sezamo.ro Online Store is a natural person who purchases products for his or his family's use. An exception to this rule is the purchase of products for direct consumption by a legal person ( entrepreneur), commonly used to supply an office. In this case, the regulation on consumer contracts contained in GEO no. 34/2014, and this procedure will be regulated by chapter 7 of our Terms. Regardless of whether you are a natural person or a legal entity, in this document we will refer to you as " customer " or " you ", unless the context requires otherwise.

In addition to these Terms, we have issued special terms and conditions that govern the operation of some of our other services, products or contests (" Special Terms "). In this case, the Special Terms will prevail over the present Terms.

The company behind the Sezamo.ro Online Store is SEZAMO S.R.L., a limited liability company organized and operating in accordance with Romanian legislation, with registered office on Linia de Centură street no. 5, Industrial Park CTpark București Nord, unit J2, room C9.1F.26, Ştefăneştii de Jos, Ilfov county, registered at the Trade Registry under no. J23/3334/2024, CUI RO50031526 and having a share capital of 45,000 RON ("Sezamo.ro" or "us").

The terms come into force as of March 6, 2023. 

Last updated on 13 June 2024.

To help you navigate our Terms, please consider the brief overview of the chapters that present the most important topics discussed.

1. CUSTOMER ACCOUNT -  Basic information regarding the operation of customer accounts within the Sezamo.ro Online Store, as well as the applicable rules for creating a customer account and canceling a customer account.

2.  TERMS OF USE OF THE SEZAMO.RO ONLINE STORE -  Specifying the conditions under which it is possible to use the Sezamo.ro Online Store, as well as aspects regarding the persons who can use the Sezamo.ro Online Store, the obligations of customers when using the Sezamo.ro Online Store.     

3. ORDERS -  This chapter gives you a presentation of the process of ordering products on the Sezamo.ro Online Store website, including aspects of ordering products with/without creating a customer account beforehand, different ways to order products , conclusion of the purchase contract, modification of orders, delivery and acceptance of orders and complaints.

4. PAYMENT AND PAYMENT TERMS -  This chapter summarizes information regarding online payments, payments made at the time of delivery, credits and other important information.

5. WITHDRAWAL FROM THE CONTRACT -  This chapter provides you with information on the procedure that regulates the withdrawal from the contracts concluded between you and Sezamo.ro and includes the conditions that must be met for a valid withdrawal, a review of the situations in which the withdrawal is not possible and the way to dispose of the products in case of a valid withdrawal.

6. SPECIAL CATEGORIES OF PRODUCTS -  This chapter provides you with information on specific categories of products sold by the weight, products sold by the piece, tobacco products, alcoholic products and returnable packaging and containers.                                                                                                                                                      
7. PURCHASE OF PRODUCTS BY LEGAL PERSONS -  This chapter summarizes the conditions under which the Sezamo.ro Online Store can be used by legal persons.

8. LICENSE TERMS -   This chapter summarizes the essential information and obligations related to the use of the Sezamo.ro Online Store.

9. DATA PROTECTION -  In this chapter, we refer to our Privacy Policy   ,  which presents in detail, among other things, the types of personal data we process, the purposes and ways in which we process your personal data, the entities to which your personal data may be transferred, the duration of the processing of your personal data and the rights you have in relation to data protection. Our policy on the processing of personal data is also called our Policy on the use of "cookies" modules .

10. FINAL PROVISIONS -  This chapter gives you information about the validity and modification of the Terms and contains other legal information necessary for consumers (where to file a complaint and other important information). If you do not find an answer to any of your questions in these Terms, you can consult the FAQ section or contact us at the e-mail address clienti@sezamo.ro or at no. by phone 0800 894 077.

1. 1.  Creating a customer account

You can use the Sezamo.ro Online Store without prior registration and without creating a customer account. However, you must create a customer account to have access to some of the services and benefits offered by the Sezamo.ro Online Store. You can create a customer account before making your first purchase. By creating a customer account, you express your initial interest in using the services and benefits offered by the Sezamo.ro Online Store, but you do not commit to any purchase. As a registered customer, you can obtain certain benefits offered to customers by the Sezamo.ro Online Store even before making your first purchase (benefits are not claimable). We will automatically create a customer account for you when you place your first order to facilitate future purchases. We will inform you in this regard by means of a message sent to the address indicated by you at the time of placing the first order.

How can you create a customer account?

To create a customer account, use any options currently offered by the Sezamo.ro Online Store (registration on the website, within the application or through Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.). After entering the data required for registration and accepting our Terms, a confirmation e-mail message will be sent automatically to the e-mail address provided by you. In order to successfully create a customer account, it is necessary to confirm the registration . At the time of registration, we will ask you for certain personal information. You don't have to worry because we will handle your personal data only in the way outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Please note that if you create a customer account through a third party (Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.), this process may be governed by different terms than our Terms. In this case, please refer to those terms.

By completing registration and creating a customer account, you agree to the following:

  • use of the Sezamo.ro Online Store, including the placing of orders and the conclusion of related purchase contracts, is governed by our Terms;
  • you will receive e-mail messages from Sezamo.ro (confirmation of customer account registration, confirmation of orders placed, etc.) or you can be contacted by Sezamo.ro in other ways (by phone, SMS, etc.) in relation to orders placed, delivery purchases, exercising your rights related to defects, etc.;
  • you are responsible for your customer account and will protect and defend your customer account information by selecting a sufficiently secure password that you will keep confidential;
  • Sezamo.ro (or the courier who delivers your order) may ask you to prove your identity or age in connection with the sale of certain products (see chapter 6 of our Terms);
  • other customer account (and thus the services offered by Magazinul Sezamo.ro Online Store) may not be available all the time, especially due to necessary maintenance services or accidental technical problems.

1.2. Cancellation of customer account

If you decide to close your customer account for any reason, contact us at dpo@sezamo.ro or at phone number 0800 894 077. In certain circumstances, the Sezamo.ro Online Store may, at its sole discretion, temporarily or
permanently block or close the account of a customer who repeatedly or flagrantly violates our Terms. In such a situation, any unused vouchers in the form of credits will be canceled without
refund at the time of cancellation of the customer's account. This does not apply to credits that have been loaded into the customer account: obased on a legitimate complaint (defective, damaged or missing products, etc.);  from another payment card held or used by you with the consent of the cardholder; from a meal tickets card or other payment card that you hold or have used with the consent of the cardholder, ofrom a gift voucher which you have validly loaded into your customer account and which you have not used until the time you cancel your customer account. We will refund the value of these credits to you by transferring it to your bank account.


The content published on the website of the Sezamo.ro Online Store represents an illustrative offer of products or services that can be purchased and delivered through the Sezamo.ro Online
Store. This offer does not constitute a proposal from Sezamo.ro to conclude a contract . The purchase contract can only be concluded in the manner provided in chapter 3.3 of our Terms. In the event that any terms and conditions of use of the Sezamo.ro Online Store are modified within the current product offer of the Sezamo.ro Online Store in a different way than that provided for in our Terms, the current product offer will prevail always. By using the Sezamo.ro Online Store, you confirm that you are a natural person, that you have the necessary exercise capacity, that you will use the Sezamo.ro Online Store in accordance with these Terms and that you are at least 18 years old, in the case of products that can be purchased or used by persons at least 18 years of age.

At the same time, as a customer, you agree:

  • if you do not meet the minimum age requirement, do not order on the Sezamo.ro Online Store website products that can be purchased or used by persons at least 18 years old;
  • by paying the price of the products, not to violate the rights of third parties; you also confirm that you have the right to use the funds used to pay for the products;
  • not to make multiple, false or fraudulent customer account registrations;
  • not to use more than one vouncher per order during voucher campaigns. Vouchers are not cumulative.
  • not to obtain, monitor or copy any content or information provided through the Sezamo.ro Online Store (including by any automated means or manual processes) for any purpose without the written consent of Sezamo.ro;
  • not to violate or circumvent the measures to prevent or limit unauthorized access to the Sezamo.ro Online Store website and not to take any action that causes or could lead to an unreasonable load on the infrastructure.

     3.   ORDERS
In the following we present the most important aspect: how can you order products through the Sezamo.ro Online Store? You just need to follow the steps below.

3.1. Order without first creating a customer account
You can order products in the Sezamo.ro Online Store without creating a customer account. Simply put the desired products in the shopping cart and follow the steps to place the Order. At a minimum, we will need your contact details to place your order. Without this, we will not be able to deliver your order properly. However, you don't need to worry as we will always treat your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy . As we are convinced that your first order to the Sezamo.ro Online Store will not be the last, to facilitate future purchases in the Sezamo.ro Online Store, we will create a customer account for you when you place your first order. We will inform you in this regard by an e-mail message sent to the address indicated by you at the time of placing the first order.

3.2. Order with prior creation of a customer account
If you already have a customer account, you can log in using your login details, which consist of your email address and password.

ATTENTION ! Please keep your login details safe and do not share them with any third party who should not have access to them and who could misuse your customer account. We recommend that you use a password that is strong enough to log into your account, that is, one that is long (ideally 10 characters or more), contains a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers or symbols, and does not contain a series of consecutive letters or numbers. After logging in to your customer account, add the items you want to your cart and follow the steps to place your order. Before placing the order, please check the accuracy of all the information entered in the order and inform yourself about the estimated price of your order. The final price of the order may vary depending on the specific weight of the products included in the order (further details can be found in the chapter 6 of our Terms).

3.3. Placing the order and concluding the purchase contract
The minimum value of an order placed on the website is 150 lei, not including shipping costs. When we receive your order, we will promptly confirm this by email. This will create a purchase contract and the order will become binding between us. Through the confirmation email, we will also make available to you the Terms in force at the date of the order, which you will also be able to download or save from your customer account at any time.

Please be aware that, despite our best efforts, there may be occasions where, even after your order has been confirmed, we may find that we are unable to deliver certain items to you due to their unavailability in stock. In this case, we will have to cancel the order in respect of the respective products and adjust the final price of the order by deducting the price of the products that we are unable to deliver. Where we have a suitable alternative to products that are out of stock, we may offer to supply these alternative products to you. In this case, we are the ones who will bear any price difference. On the other hand, if the alternative products are cheaper than the original products, we will adjust the final price of the order by the amount of any additional payment made.

3.4. Changes to orders placed

Additional Orders  - If you choose to have your order delivered within a longer time frame, we may allow you to add additional products to the same order. You will be informed of this option when we confirm your order. Information regarding the period during which it will be possible to add products to your order without issuing a new order will be displayed on our website or our application. Additional ordered products will then become part of the original order and will be included in a single invoice. In this situation, if applicable, you will not be charged an additional delivery fee. Additional orders are not possible if the original order has been paid in full with credits.

Other changes  - Our colleagues will make every effort to adjust the order according to your wishes. Unfortunately, no changes will be possible regarding orders that have already been packed or shipped. In all other cases, the order can only be changed later by contacting the customer support department.

3.5. Order Delivery and Acceptance

Delivery is possible only on the territory of Bucharest and Ilfov County.

Delivery costs are:

- 12.90 lei for orders between 150 - 200 lei for standard delivery with a delivery window of 1 hour;

- free, for orders over 200 lei with standard delivery ** ;

- 19.90 lei for orders below 200 lei for delivery with a delivery interval of 15 minutes;

- 14.90 lei for orders over 200 lei for delivery with a delivery interval of 15 minutes;

- 29,90 lei for Express delivery*** within 120 minutes of placing your order.

*Happy Hour rate (dynamic rate for standard delivery) - on certain days of the week and in certain time intervals we reserve the right to practice dynamic rates, applied based on the independent decision of the company.

**Customers benefit from free shipping for orders over 200 lei with standard delivery for 1 hour intervals.

*** Express delivery is the delivery service within 120 minutes from placing the order, available in the following communes/areas: Odăile, Otopeni, Tunari, Voluntari, Ștefăneștii de Sus, Ștefăneștii de Jos, Afumati, Şindrilița, Dobroști, Pantelimon commune, Pantelimon neighborhood, Băneasa Forest area, Vatra Nouă area, Henri Coandă neighborhood, Pipera neighborhood, Andronache neighborhood, daily between 09:00 and 21:00.

You can see the delivery intervals on the Sezamo.ro website. The next available time slot will be automatically suggested to you in the Online Store. The different delivery windows result from the times shown. The delivery time window you select is binding on both you and us.

Your order will be delivered by one of our couriers to the address indicated by you. The courier will send you an SMS 5 minutes before arrival, and then he can wait on the spot for 10 minutes from the moment the SMS is sent before moving on to the next address. If the Sezamo.ro courier does not meet you at the agreed delivery point within the selected delivery time, we will contact you by phone. If the Sezamo.ro customer service also fails to contact you, the order will be canceled and the courier will leave the location. Failure to show up is equivalent to a cancellation of the order, and in case of repeated cancellation we will charge a cancellation fee. If we cannot meet the agreed delivery time, we will inform you by SMS or push notification if you have installed our app.

You can always find the current delivery time in the app or in the Online Shop if you are logged in. If the delivery time is not respected, you will receive a certain amount credited in case of a delay from us, depending on the delay*. The code to activate the credits is sent by email and in the form of credits that you can redeem in the Online Store. Please note that once the Order has been completed, credits cannot be redeemed. These credit codes, which are sent by e-mail, have limited validity, in each e-mail we communicate the validity of the credits related to the code offered as compensation for the delay. In the case of a credit-compensated delay, we will not charge a cancellation fee if you no longer want or are unable to receive the delivery.

*Credited amount based on delay:

1. For customers who have not activated the Premium service:

- in case of delay between 0-10 minutes no delay credit will be given, but the cost of delivery will be refunded, if the customer has paid delivery fee;

- in case of delay between 10-30 minutes, 10 credits will be granted and the cost of delivery will be refunded if the customer has paid the delivery charge;

- in the event of a delay of 30-60 minutes, 20 credits will be granted, the cost of delivery will be refunded if the customer has paid the delivery charge;

- in the event of a delay of more than 60 minutes, 25 credits will be granted, the cost of delivery will be refunded if the customer has paid the delivery charge and the free Premium service will be activated for one month from the time of completion of the delivery in question;

2. For customers who have activated the Premium service:

- in case of delay between 0-10 minutes no delay credit will be granted;

- in case of delay between 10-30 minutes 15 credits will be granted;

- in case of delay between 30-60 minutes, 30 credits will be granted;

- if the delay is more than 60 minutes, 40 credits will be granted and the Premium service will be activated free of charge for one month, starting from the moment the delivery in question is completed;

You are obliged to accept delivery of the order if you do not exercise your statutory right of withdrawal. The courier will deliver the order to you personally or to a person who is present at the place of delivery (usually at your home) or to a person who proves the existence of the order to the courier (eg by presenting the order confirmation). The risk of damage to the products is transferred when the order is accepted.

If the order is already paid for before delivery, and you ask the courier to hand it over without personal contact (e.g. by leaving the products in the corridor outside your apartment or at the gate of your house), we will be more than happy to do so. However, we will not be liable for any theft or damage to the products before they are collected by you. You can request a contactless delivery from the courier by adding a note when completing the order.

ATTENTION ! If the order contains tobacco or alcohol products, we must verify that the person accepting the delivery of the order is over 18 years of age. For further information, see Chapter 6 of our Terms.

If you do not accept the delivery of the order despite the fact that we have tried to deliver it to you correctly and on time, we will claim compensation in the amount of 14.90 RON for the reasonable costs incurred in connection with the delivery of the order. These costs include preparation, shipping and delivery of the order. This amount will be billed to you on your next product order. If this is not paid promptly, we will have the right to block your customer account until it is paid.

If you cannot accept the delivery of the order due to delivery delays, we can claim compensation for the reasonable costs incurred in the amount of 14.90 RON only if the delay is a maximum of 10 minutes.

If you accept an order from us but do not pay the order even after Sezamo.ro sends a written notification, we reserve the right to temporarily block your customer account. If the order is not paid within 14 days from the date of temporary blocking, we have the right to cancel your customer account. Blocking or canceling the customer account does not extinguish Sezamo.ro's right to the appropriate payment of the order price.

3.6. Claims

Products may not be delivered to you in 100% proper condition (products may arrive defective, damaged, or not arrive at all, etc.). In such a situation, you have the right to make a complaint about the order or part of it by using the withdrawal form in Appendix A to these Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page or by informing the customer support department - at the following contact details: SEZAMO SRL: telephone number: 0800 894 077, e-mail: clienti@sezamo.ro - regarding the decision to withdraw from this Contract, using an unequivocal statement regarding the withdrawal, for example, by e-mail. Annex A forms an integral part of these Terms and you must read its contents before placing your first order with us.

* the self-claim functionality is not available for natural Christmas tree products.

3.7. Displaying the content of the Sezamo.ro Online Store

We understand how precious your time is, so the Sezamo.ro Online Store uses your customer account number and your history to display personalized content. Displaying personalized content means featuring your favorite products at the top of each product category to make your own shopping experience easier. The goal is to save you time by enabling you to shop as quickly as possible (with as few clicks as possible). The purpose of displaying personalized content is not to market, advertise or induce you to buy certain products. Any sponsored display of a product is separate, appropriately labeled, and not individualized.


Online Payment  - The easiest way to pay for your order is by using an accepted credit card (or meal voucher card / gift card). You can find at any time a brief presentation of the types of payment cards currently accepted in the Sezamo.ro Online Store when completing the order. 

Card payment on delivery - If you prefer to pay for your order when it is accepted, you can pay without resorting to cash by using an accepted credit card.

Cash on Delivery  - Our Couriers also accept cash. If you prepare the exact amount to be paid for the order, the couriers will be extremely grateful!

In the case of cash payment upon delivery of the order, the payment is considered completed when the amount specified on the payment documents is paid to the courier. According to Law No 296/2023 on some fiscal-budgetary measures to ensure Romania's long-term financial sustainability, the value of cash on delivery orders cannot exceed the amount of 1,000 RON/customer/day for clients who are legal entities, authorized natural persons, sole proprietorships, family businesses, freelancers, associations or other entities with or without legal personality and within the limit of the amount of 5,000 RON/customer/day for individual customers, natural persons.

Credits  - You can also pay for your order with credits in your customer account. One credit is equal to 1 RON. Select the respective payment method at the time of placing the order if you wish to pay for the order or part of it with credits. The method of loading credits into your customer account may change from time to time.

Please note that these credits have a limited validity. You will be informed of the validity period of the credit type when your customer account is credited, or you can check the validity period in your customer account at any time. If you have any doubts about the validity of your credits, please contact Sezamo.ro's dedicated customer service line for information. If credits are not used within their validity period, they will be debited from your customer account without further delay. In the event of cancellation of a customer account, any unused credits will be canceled without refund (except as provided in chapter 1.2 of our Terms).

Please note that where the applicability of credits is conditional on order value, delivery charges, tips or SGR tax are not taken into account; the conditionality relates strictly to the value of the products in your basket.

Please also note that in the event of a breach of our Terms by the customer, the following measures may be taken:

  • cancellation of the order (if credits obtained through unauthorised or illegal means were used to pay for the order, if more than one voucher was used per placed order); or 
  • debiting credits from the customer's account without refund (normally if they were obtained illegally or through illegal activities).

ATTENTION! Payment methods may change from time to time. At the time of placing the order, a review of the current payment methods will be permanently displayed on the Sezamo.ro Online Store website.

Other important information

All prices displayed on the website of the Sezamo.ro Online Store include VAT. The purchase price for the ordered products is considered paid only when it is fully credited to the Sezamo.ro account or when the relevant amount is paid to the courier at the time of delivery. Title to the products will only pass to you upon full payment of the total price.

Meal tickets cards can be used exclusively for food purchases (products such as tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, cleaning supplies, delivery fee, tips,  etc., cannot be paid with meal tickets).

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to reject any payment transactions identified as fraudulent or suspected to be fraudulent, originating from money laundering or terrorist financing based on the European Union Sanctions Database or the Sanctions Map EU. The fiscal document (fiscal slip/fiscal invoice/receipt) will be issued for each Order.


The tax invoice will be issued in Online format and can be downloaded from the User Account. We will send it to you in printed form only if you expressly request this from us.

Customers are obliged to provide all the information necessary to issue the invoice in accordance with the legislation in force. After delivery of the Order, it is no longer possible to change the invoicing data.


Starting from the moment of concluding the contract, you have the right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with chapter III, art. 9-16 of OUG nr. 34/2014. You can withdraw without giving a reason, but you must do so within 14 days of receiving your order from the courier. If the order is divided into several deliveries, the period mentioned above will only be calculated starting from the date of receipt of the last installment of the order.

ATTENTION ! The procedure provided by this section applies only if you have entered into a purchase contract with us as a consumer within the meaning of chapter I, art. 2, point 1 of OUG nr. 34/2014.

However, even the above rule has certain exceptions. You cannot withdraw from the contract in the following situations:

  • perishable or short-lived products . These include products such as: confectionery, delicatessen, dairy products, sausages and other meat or flower products, respectively products that are normally marked with an expiry date (e.g. "use by" of..., etc.) or require specific storage conditions;
  • products that have been irremediably mixed with other products after delivery and therefore cannot be effectively returned and resold (eg different types of food, flowers, etc.);
  • products in sealed packaging that the consumer has removed from the packaging and that cannot be returned for health and hygiene reasons. This will be especially true for personal care products or underwear;
  • Products consisting of sealed audio or video recordings or sealed computer programs that have been unsealed after delivery;
  • delivery of newspapers, periodicals or magazines.

*The return policy for natural Christmas trees is in accordance with the OUG no. 34/2014, so it is not possible to return any product that is considered perishable and/or food through any courier. Natural Christmas trees are considered perishable products.

How do we deal with products in case of withdrawal from a contract?

The simplest way to return the products in case of withdrawal is to return them to the courier who delivered them to you. If this is no longer possible, please contact us by any means, ideally at the address clienti@sezamo.ro or at the telephone number 0800 894 077.

You can also use our sample withdrawal form available in Appendix A. Afterwards, you will send the products to the nearest Sezamo.ro warehouse at your expense (within the withdrawal period), at the following address: Şoseaua de Centură, no. 5, CTPark, Ștefănestii de Jos, Sezamo.ro Warehouse. Please note that you are responsible for the diminished value of the products, so you must send the products to us complete and undamaged. In case of a valid withdrawal, the price of the products will be refunded within 14 days from the return of the products or from the date of the proof proving that the products were shipped within the deadline specified in this regard, by the same method by which we received from you, preferably to your bank account or to the bank account specified in the withdrawal form, including all or part of the delivery costs.


6.1. Products sold by weight
Certain products offered in the Sezamo.ro Online Store are sold by weight (fruits, vegetables, etc.). With regard to these products, the approximate weight of a piece (or other unit of measure) of the product is mentioned, changing over time (" reference piece "). The price displayed in the Sezamo.ro Online Store is calculated as the ratio between the weight of the reference piece and the cost per kilogram (or a corresponding unit of measure) of the products. The actual price paid by the customer is calculated based on the weight of the products delivered. Due to variations in weight, in the case of online payments, we will temporarily block a larger amount (approximately 30% of the value of the item ordered by weight), as we do not know the exact weight of the ordered products at the time of order confirmation. We will return the unused blocked funds to your bank account (depending on the speed of the bank's operation) within a few days after the delivery of the order. In the case of card or cash on delivery payments, you will be informed of the final price when you receive the products. Please note that we reserve the right to deliver products sold by weight with a margin of weight tolerance (such margin of tolerance not exceeding 30% of the total weight of the products ordered). However, we will make every effort to keep this margin of tolerance as close as possible to the weight selected by your order.

6.2. Products sold by the piece
In the case of products sold by the piece, the final price per piece of the products is displayed in the Sezamo.ro Online Store, regardless of their weight.

EXAMPLE : One piece of cauliflower costs 6 RON. The customer puts three pieces of cauliflower in the shopping cart and pays 18 RON, regardless of the actual weight of the delivered cauliflower.

6.3. Tobacco products
Tobacco and nicotine products, smoking articles and accessories, herbal smoking products and electronic cigarettes (" tobacco products ") may only be sold to persons over 18 years of age. Their sale to persons under this age is prohibited.

Sezamo.ro, as a remote reseller of tobacco products, is equipped with a computer system that individually checks the consumer's age at the time of sale. At the same time, the purchase of tobacco products in the Sezamo.ro Online Store is only possible for customers who have created a customer account . Only these customers are allowed to add tobacco products to the shopping cart. The contract for the sale of tobacco products between Sezamo.ro and the customer is created by the confirmation of this order by Sezamo.ro, but the entry into force of the acceptance of the order is subject to the suspensive condition of verifying the age of thecustomer (or the person picking up the delivery) by the procedure provided below. If the age verification is not carried out , the acceptance of the order related to tobacco products by Sezamo.ro will not be valid, and the purchase contract between Sezamo.ro and the customer will not be concluded. Payment for tobacco products always consists only of a deposit to cover the purchase price of the tobacco products . If the age verification does not take place, Sezamo.ro will return the customer's deposit without delay.

Before placing an order containing tobacco products, the customer is informed that the age of the customer purchasing a tobacco product/products will be verified by the courier who will deliver the order containing tobacco products to the customer.

Age verification at first order

Before the delivery of the first order of tobacco products, the courier verifies the customer's age with the help of an online system accessible through an application on the courier's mobile phone. The data is not stored on the mobile phone but directly on the internal IT system of Sezamo.ro through the application interface. The customer allows the courier to check the identity document (passport, identity card); the courier subsequently verifies the identity and age of the customer by examining the identity card and entering the last name, first name, date of birth, type of identity document and the last four digits of the identity card number in the internal IT system to the data recorded regarding the customer.

In the situation where tobacco products are purchased for the first time, the customer must pick up the tobacco products from the courier directly (this being a clear identification of the person). If the customer's age is not verified, the courier is not authorized to deliver the tobacco products or accept payment of the purchase price. Therefore, the tobacco products are excluded from the purchase before they are handed over to the customer and the cost of the tobacco products is deducted from the purchase price.

Checking on subsequent orders
Each subsequent order containing tobacco products will be checked at the time of delivery of the products. The customer must allow the courier to examine his identity document (passport, identity card) and the courier will verify the customer's identity and age by re-entering the date of Birth.

Suppose the date of birth information entered during a repeat purchase does not match the data stored in the age verification system. In this case, the courier will reverify the customer's identity and age using the verification procedure applicable to the first purchase. The courier will apply the same procedure if a purchase is accepted by a different person than the customer who placed the order (the courier will apply the same procedure applicable for verification in the case of repeated purchases if the purchase is retransmitted to the same person).

6.4. Alcoholic products
You can only place an order containing alcoholic products if you are over 18 years of age . The sale of alcoholic products to persons under this age is prohibited. The courier has the right to examine the identity card to verify the customer's age before handing over the order containing alcoholic products if a visual inspection is not sufficient to verify the customer's age. Without age verification, the alcoholic products that are part of the order will not be handed to the customer. In this case, the purchase contract will be canceled by Sezamo.ro, and the purchase price related to the alcoholic products, if it was paid before the products are delivered, will be returned to the customer without delay.

6.5. Products in SGR packaging

Guarantee - Return System or SGR - is a unique system at national level designed, implemented and administered by RETURO SISTEM GARANTIE RETURNARE S.A. as SGR administrator, a mandatory system from 30 November 2023, whereby the Customer, as a consumer or end-user who purchases products in SGR packaging for his own consumption, when purchasing such a product, pays the Seller an SGR Guarantee which will be returned to the Customer when the latter returns the SGR packaging to a return point.

At the moment, empty, unformed, empty, clean SGR packaging with the label intact can be returned to any offline store return point.

Product in SGR Packaging - a single unit of product bottled in a single SGR Packaging.

SGR Packaging - Non-reusable primary packaging made of glass, plastic or metal, with volumes between 0.1 l and 3 l inclusive, used for beer, beer mixes, spirit mixes, cider, other fermented beverages, juices, nectars, soft drinks, mineral waters and drinking waters of all kinds, wines and spirits, bearing the SGR Mark in accordance with applicable legislation. The following types of packaging are not subject to SGR: beverage glasses, pouches - flexible packaging in layers, bag-in-box - beverages in a closed cardboard box and any other packaging that cannot retain its shape after emptying.

SGR guarantee - guarantee paid by the Customer to the seller at the time of purchase of a product in SGR packaging, distinct from the price of the product and which is not subject to VAT, managed within SGR by the SGR administrator and which is fully refunded to the Customer when the SGR packaging is returned to a Return Point. Buyers have the possibility to return the SGR packaging in order to refund the value of the guarantee at any return point in Romania.

SGR guarantee value - from the date of SGR's entry into operation, i.e. 30 November 2023, the guarantee value is 0.5 lei for each SGR packaging, applied to all types of SGR packaging.

6.6. Other information
The offers and products presented on the Sezamo.ro Online Store are valid for the period indicated on the website, within the limits of the available stock, and in compliance with the conditions stipulated in the regulation of the respective offer, if applicable.

Certain gifts/samplings are conditional on a minimum order or the purchase of specific product categories or brands. Also, certain gifts/samplings are offered only once per user, so a user who places multiple orders during the campaign period will not receive the gift every time an order is placed, but only on the first order placed during the campaign period. For further details, please contact customer service.

The products sold through the Sezamo.ro Online Store are accompanied by a description of them. Sezamo.ro takes all measures to ensure that the information published on the site, including the product description, as well as the listed prices, are, at all times, correct and
complete. However, for reasons of an objective nature or related to human errors, the process of updating the information on the site may experience delays. In such situations, Sezamo.ro will try to remove all errors as soon as possible.

The photos and images published on the site are only illustrative/orientative. For an accurate description of the product, the customer must carefully read the information included in the "Product Description" section.


The Sezamo.ro Online Store can also be used by legal entities (entrepreneurs), normally for the supply of the office, such as its supply with fresh fruit and vegetables, pastries and fresh cakes, sandwiches or stationery or cleaning products . Please note that the purchase of products for commercial purposes (e.g. for resale) is impossible through the Sezamo.ro Online Store. Please note that the provisions of Chapter 5 of our Terms do not apply to the purchase of products by legal entities.

If you are interested in shopping at Sezamo.ro, you must first register the legal entity at the e-mail address clienti@sezamo.ro or at the telephone number 0800 894 077.

Payment methods for legal entities :

  • If you would like us to issue a dispatch note for your purchase with the company's billing details, but would like to pay directly when the order is issued or accepted, please complete the company's billing details in your customer account and select the relevant option before placing the order. The details of the order will be automatically inserted into the invoice, which will be available for download in the customer account in pdf format.
  • If you want to pay later by invoice, you must register your company in the Sezamo.ro Online Store and wait for your account to be approved. At the moment of approval, you can make unlimited purchases by invoice.


The content of the Sezamo.ro Online Store and all related rights are and will remain the property of Sezamo.ro or any other company within the Rohlik Group (respectively any subsidiary of Rohlik Group as, having identification number 099 60 678 and registered office in Karolinská 654/2, Karlín, 186 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic). Neither the Terms nor the use of the Sezamo.ro Online Store grants or confers any right regarding (i) the use of the content of the Sezamo.ro Online Store, except for the limited license granted under the Terms, or (ii) the use or referral in any way to the name and logos of Sezamo.ro, to the names of products or services, to the trademarks or to other indications of Sezamo.ro that are protected in accordance with the legislation on intellectual property.

In relation to the Sezamo.ro Online Store, you undertake:

  • do not reproduce, modify, distribute, decompile, reverse engineer in order to identify the technological process (reverse engineering), do not compile and do not attempt for any reason to discover, analyze or extract the source code of the Sezamo Online Store. Ro;
  • not to use in any way the information related to the ideas,procedures, structure, algorithm and the methods used that are based on or that are included in the software equipment of the Sezamo.ro Online Store;
  • not to distribute, alienate or rent any part of or the whole Sezamo.ro Online Store and not to commercially exploit in any way and not to remove the Sezamo.ro Online Store or any information used within it;
  • not to modify or damage the technical protection functions or any means of protection of the content of Sezamo.ro or the protection notices of the Sezamo.ro Online Store attached to or included within the Sezamo.ro Online Store.

All software equipment, including all control systems within the Sezamo.ro Online Store, are the property of Sezamo.ro or its affiliates and are protected by applicable international legislation and treaties. Any use of such software equipment in violation of these treaties is expressly Prohibited.


Sezamo.ro processes the personal data of customers and people interested in its services within the operation of the Sezamo.ro Online Store website. Within these operations, it complies with the regulations on the protection of personal data, in particular EU Regulation no. 2016/679 on the protection of personal data (GDPR). In our Privacy Policy , you can find out what personal data we process, how long we process it and under what circumstances we may send you commercial communications and other information about the protection of your personal data.

When you visit and use the Sezamo.ro Online Store, cookies or other technologies are activated on your device to enable us to offer you content and services that best meet your needs and interests. You can learn more about cookies in our Cookie Policy.

Last but not least, we offer you some information regarding the general operation of the Sezamo.ro Online Store. Modification of the Terms Sezamo.ro can unilaterally modify or fine the Terms. Such changes do not affect your rights and obligations under the previous version of the Terms. We will inform you of any changes to the Terms in an appropriate manner so that you can inform yourself of the current version without difficulty.

CAREFUL!  In case of placing an order for products or services on the website of the Sezamo.ro Online Store, by ordering the products you agree to the Terms in force on the date of the order.

If Sezamo.ro organizes a promotion/campaign that has its own rules, the rules of that promotion/campaign take precedence over these Terms and Conditions. If any provision of the promotion/campaign rules is void or unenforceable, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall apply. A promotion/campaign may be limited in terms of the applicable period and/or quantity of Products sold or there may be other conditions and limitations. Sezamo.ro reserves the right to terminate any promotion/campaign at any time.


Unless we agree otherwise or unless otherwise provided by these Terms, all correspondence regarding the Sezamo.ro Online Store must be sent to us in writing, ideally by online mail, in person or by registered letter via a mail provider Postal services. In the case of messages sent personally or through a postal service provider, the message is considered to have been sent at the time of receipt or refusal of receipt, or at the time of expiry of a period of 10 days from the delivery of the parcel to the postal service provider, even if the recipient was not aware of the delivery of the parcel. In most cases, Sezamo.ro will communicate with you via the email address associated with your customer account.

The legal system and dispute resolution

All uses of the Sezamo.ro Online Store are governed by Romanian law, even in the presence of an international (foreign) element.

The resolution of any disputes will be the full competence of the Romanian local courts that have local jurisdiction at the address of Sezamo.ro's registered office.

Customers can also submit complaints to the National Authority for Consumer Protection (www.anpc.ro), the competent authority in the field of consumer protection.

Various provisions

Sezamo.ro reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cease operation or to modify the terms of use of the Sezamo.ro Online Store.

For reasons of clarity, please keep in mind that you, as a customer, are responsible for all costs associated with your use of the Sezamo.ro Online Store (you are responsible for costs related to connecting to the Internet, using the network of mobile telephony or for any costs related to telephone calls). Also, Sezamo.ro expressly rejects, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any liability for any guarantees regarding the security, reliability, punctuality and performance of the Sezamo.ro Online Store or its suitability for a particular purpose. Also, Sezamo.ro is not responsible for any content published through a link belonging to a third party on the website of the Sezamo.ro Online Store.

Sezamo.ro is authorized to operate the Sezamo.ro Online Store based on a commercial license, and its activity is not subject to any other authorization. Commercial control is carried out, within the limits of its powers, by the Office of Commercial Licensing. If any provision of our Terms is or becomes invalid or unenforceable, such invalid provision will be replaced by a provision whose meaning is as close as possible to that of the invalid provision. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions.

If such invalidity or unenforceability will affect any provision of our Special Terms (as described in the introductory provisions of our Terms) or if the Special Terms do not contain any mandatory provision, these Terms will apply instead . The contact details of the Sezamo.ro are customer support service are presented on the website of the Sezamo.ro Online Store. The online mail address is: clienti@sezamo.ro , and the phone number is: 0800 894 077 (every day between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.). Any questions, suggestions, comments or complaints can be sent to clienti@sezamo.ro.

(Appendix A) - Sample withdrawal form
Addressee: SEZAMO SRL, Bld. Dimitrie Pompeiu, no. 5-7, Hermes Business Campus
Building, C2, District 2, 020335, Bucharest
The undersigned declares that I exercise my right of withdrawal with respect to the contract of
sale of the following product:
Date of conclusion of the contract/date of receipt:
Name of consumer(s):
Address of the consumer(s):
Signature of consumer(s): (only for paper declaration)