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Frosch Eco Descaling Solution Raspberry Vinegar

1 l
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Country: Germania,
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Frosch Universal Descaler with Raspberry Vinegar removes even stubborn limescale and dirt residues from taps, bathtubs, showers and tiles. The powerful formula with raspberry vinegar and acids cleans both the kitchen and the bathroom brilliantly and leaves behind a fresh raspberry fragrance. * The packaging contains at least 70% recycled content.

1000ml bottle


  • Powerful limescale removal with raspberry vinegar
  • No waiting - short contact time
  • For kitchen and bathroom
  • Vegan, microplastic-free, ingredients grown in Europe, bottle made from 100% recycled plastic

Ingredients: < 5% anionic surfactants, perfumes. Further ingredients: raspberry vinegar, cosmetical colorants.

Between 16 -24°C.