• CADOU Ben & Jerry's! 🍨
    Comandă cel puțin 1 înghețată Magnum sau Ben & Jerry's, iar noi îți oferim cadou o înghețată Ben & Jerry’s Sundae Hazel-nuttin but Chocolate. Stoc limitat!
  • Promotion for new customers! 🧡 360 lei total discount on the first 4 orders.

    Use code BUNVENIT for -50 lei for the first order, in the "Fruits and vegetables" category, + 3x50 lei for the next 3 orders + the value of the benefits related to the Premium subscription, free for 1 month.

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Free delivery, with guaranteed delivery today by 17:00 and many other benefitsSame day delivery
Purchase 2x a month without a minimum order amount
Exclusive up to 20% discount on top products
Always free delivery and many other benefits

Baby Club Sezamini

More time with those you care about

A club full of benefits

free for expectant parents and parents with children under 12

Free delivery
No more paying for shipping! From Sunday to Thursday between 10:00 - 16:00, you will have free transport!
Club discounts
Great discounts only for club members! Baby goods, food, care products - plenty of products to choose from.
Money back for purchases
For every purchases over 300 lei (except alcohol and tobacco) we will automatically upload 15 credits to your account. The credits can be used only in „Mother and child” category

Thanks to Baby club, you will save monthly

and you will have more time for family experiences



for delivering your goods



thanks to club discounts and credits



of your time thanks to convenient shopping

The savings are calculated on the basis of data from a customer who buys on average 1-2 times a week.

Everything for your little treasures
Wide range of BIO and farm products.
Gentle cosmetics for children and parents, everything for care and lots of toys for young and old.
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